Stephen Colbert Shoots PSA to Help Border Patrol Resist Breaking the Law for Trump

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Late night host Stephen Colbert offered a helping hand to Border Patrol agents who might be tempted to break the law for Donald Trump by shooting a public service announcement telling them that would be a “Presi-Don’t!”

On Tuesday night’s episode of Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert talked about reports that Trump told Border Patrol agents to break the law by ignoring court orders and refusing entry to asylum-seekers.

“Now, the border agents were a bit confused,” Colbert said, “so after the president left the room, they asked their supervisors what to do and were told if they did what the president said, they would take on personal liability. You have to follow the law.”

“Still, they must be feeling a lot of peer pressure, I think they need a friendly P.S.A.,” Colbert said, then turned directly to camera.

“Hey, what’s up, home slices? How’s it hanging?” Colbert said. “Look, I heard your boss told you it might be cool to violate the Constitution. You know what? It’s actually not cool at all.”

“Sure, it starts with a little harmless deportation of law-abiding asylum seekers, but before you know it, you’re missing prom because you’ve been hauled before The Hague to answer for human rights atrocities,” he continued.

“So next time Donald Trump asks you to break the law, remember, that’s a ‘Presi-Don’t.'”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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