Stormy Daniels Lawyer on Trump Affair: ‘She Can Describe His Genitalia’


Look: When Stormy Daniels gave her 60 Minutes interview last night, there were almost certainly a lot of people tuning in hoping to hear some scandalous, juicy details about the Commander-in-Chief.

Well, apparently, Stormy was ready to give those details last night.

According to Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti, the adult film star can describe President Donald Trump’s nether region.

“She was prepared to discuss intimate details relating to Mr. Trump,” he told Today‘s Savannah Guthrie. “She can describe his genitalia. She can describe various conversations that they had that leave no doubt as to whether this woman is telling the truth.”

Avenatti also addressed the allegation that he played a little bait-and-switch with a tweet he wrote containing a picture of a disc inside a safe.

“Everyone wants immediate gratification,” he said. “It’s not gonna happen right now.”

As for the veracity of the story itself, Avenatti once again asked the president to come forward and address the allegations if he believes them to be false.

“Let the president come forward and say it never happened,” Avenatti said.. “There is a reason why this $130,000 was paid. And it wasn’t paid because she made the story up. It’s absurd.”

Watch above, via NBC News.

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