comScore Ted Cruz ‘Scorpion’ Ad Copies Reagan’s Famous ‘Bear’ Commercial

Ted Cruz ‘Scorpion’ Ad Copies Reagan’s Famous ‘Bear’ Commercial

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz upped the ante on the GOP’s ongoing “Who loves Ronald Reagan more?” contest with a new television ad.

Titled “Scorpion,” the 30-second political advertisement opens with a shot of a black scorpion “in the desert” whose “venom is a clear and deadly threat.” The narrator goes onto to point out that, while the scorpion’s deadly nature is apparent to most, there are many who “refuse to even speak its name.”

Sound familiar?

That’s because, as The New York Times reports, the ad mirrors Ronald Reagan‘s famous “Bear” ad from the 1984 presidential campaign. Back then, Reagan and running mate George H.W. Bush campaigned for a foreign policy dedicated to securing peaceful diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia that would nonetheless fall in America’s favor.

Hell, “mirrors” is a nice way of putting it, since Cruz’s “Scorpion” ad copies Reagan’s “Bear” in terms of wording and structure. Whereas Cruz’s ad begins:

“There’s scorpion in the desert. For most of us, its venom is a clear and deadly threat, but others refuse to  even speak it’s name.”

The original commercial starts:

“There’s a bear in the woods. For some people, the bear is easy to see. Others don’t see it at all.”

Both end with recognizable-yet-ambiguous figures standing before the titular aggressors, then cut away to the requisite disclosures. At least Reagan’s writers were more adept at the art of using less verbiage to make his political points clear.

Check out the ad below, via Ted Cruz:

[h/t Gawker, The New York Times]
[Image via screengrab]

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