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Ronald Reagan

Hannity on Trump SOTU: ‘This is The Speech That Conservatives Have Wanted to Hear Since Reagan’

Ron Reagan: Trump Is Like a ‘Big Glob on the Carpet’ That Needs to Be Removed

FLASHBACK: LGBT Activists Flipped Off Reagan’s White House Portrait in 2012

Ron Reagan: Trump Insecure and ‘Perhaps Delusional’ Enough to Have Jared Kushner Handle So Much

Putin To U.S.: ‘Read My Lips,’ I Didn’t Screw With Your Election

This is How Ronald Reagan Dealt with UC Berkeley Protesters in 1969

CNN’s Jeffrey Lord: Reagan Didn’t Get an Honorary Oscar For Ending Cold War Because He’s Conservative

Nic Cage Reportedly Unsure About Taking Role That Puts Reagan in a Positive Light

Chris Wallace: People Underestimated Reagan, They Might Be Doing the Same With Trump

Joe Scarborough Says Trump’s Lucky Expectations Are So Low: ‘Obama Came in as Black Jesus’

Over Two Million People Sign Petition Asking Electoral College to Just Vote For Clinton Anyway

Gingrich Says Trump’s Gettysburg Address Was ‘Best Reform Speech’ Since Reagan’s

Washington Post Accuses O’Reilly of Fabricating Exchange From Killing Reagan

Beck: Michelle Obama Gave Most Effective Political Speech I’ve Seen Since Reagan

Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Has Been Released from Mental Hospital

Giuliani Calls Trump ‘Reagan,’ Mixes Up Labor Day and Memorial Day

Mike Pence Is Doing Everything He Can to Argue Trump’s Exactly Like Reagan

Daily Caller Tries to Pin Outlandish Claim on ‘MSNBC Guest’ Without Mentioning She Worked For Bush

Media Libels Obama Over Iran ‘Ransom,’ That’s Actually the Opposite of Ransom

Who Did This Clinton Supporter Compare Donald Trump to That Set Off a Shouting Match on CNN?

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