The View Debates ‘Smelly’ NY Times Op-Ed: ‘This Person is Probably Saving Our Country’


The View cut right to the chase on Thursday by holding a debate on the anonymous White House official who wrote yesterday’s New York Times op-ed on the inner “resistance” to restrain the president’s chaotic tendencies.

Abby Huntsman thought the New York Times piece might’ve been written by more than one person in order to convey a broader sense about concern for Trump’s leadership capabilities. Huntsman raised the possibility of the official stepping down, but Joy Behar argued that a resignation wouldn’t do any good because the piece only confirms what the public already knows and what the “feckless Republican leadership” refuses to address.

“This is the most subversive way this is being played out,” Behar said. “I think its a little more frightening to Republicans in power who are just ignoring everything that he does so that they can get [Brett] Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court.”

Sunny Hostin spoke next — lauding the unnamed author as a “patriot.”

“I think this person is certainly putting our country first,” Hostin said. She added, “this person is probably saving our country.”

Huntsman noted that Trump supporters are probably mad to hear of unelected government officials messing with the president’s agenda, though Whoopi Goldberg countered by noting that this is happening because Trump approved these people to work for him. Even so, Goldberg expressed suspicion for the op-ed — dismissing it as “smelly,” and saying it will probably give air to the “deep state” conspiracy theorists.

Watch above, via ABC.

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