The View’s Sunny Hostin Confronts CNN’s Van Jones Over Trump: ‘People in the Black Community Don’t Trust You Anymore’


CNN’s Van Jones is being called out by one of the hosts of The View over past comments he made which were supportive of former President Donald Trump’s agenda relating to the Black community.

In a riveting segment on Friday’s edition of the ABC talk show, Sunny Hostin criticized Jones — noting that he has been criticized as a “political opportunist” and a “chameleon” for comments such as his Oct. 23 statement that Trump “has done good stuff for the Black community.”

“People in the black community don’t trust you anymore,” Hostin said. “What is your response?”

Jones took exception to Hostin’s remark.

“I don’t think that’s true,” Jones said. “The entire quote I said was that Trump has done a lot of good stuff he doesn’t get credit for, and I went on to say that the reason he doesn’t get credit for it is because he’s done all this horrific stuff, and it completely erases what he’s done. But what happens is, social media will take the clip, but they won’t show the full context.”

Jones went on to say that he plans to advocate for causes he’s passionate about, such as criminal justice reform, with members of either party.

“People may not like everything I have said on television,” Jones said. “I try to be balanced. But look at what I have done. Who among my critics have been able to get people together to help folks at the bottom?! When we fight like this about everything, and you can’t give anybody even a little bit of credit for anything, who it hurts is not the politicians. It’s not the pundits. It’s regular folks who don’t have anything! People who can’t vote because they’re in jail. We have to put their interests first. I’m never going to apologize for putting the interest of people at the bottom first.”

After a commercial break, View co-host Ana Navarro renewed the discussion — questioning how Jones could possibly work with people like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner after, it was reported, Kushner met with executives at CNN’s parent company and called for Navarro and Jones to be fired.

“And then all of a sudden, you show up working with nepotism Barbie and nepotism Ken,” Navarro. “And you’re showing up in pictures with Eric Trump and Candace Owens. And so I think there’s people who wonder, and I’m one of them, how did that evolution happen?”

“There’s no evolution,” Jones countered. “When [Barack] Obama was in office, I was working with Newt Gingrich. I was working with Republicans then to get people out of prison, to put the people first.”

“But you did things like take smiling pictures with Candace Owens,” Navarro replied.

“Yes!” Jones exclaimed.

“Do you not regret that?!” Navarro said. “Do you not see that you’re giving her legitimacy?!”

“No,” Jones said. “I take pictures with lots of people.

Navarro tried to go back at Jones, but moderator Joy Behar stepped in to wrap the discussion.

“Take it outside!” Behar said.

“Laws are more important than people,” Jones said in parting, over the outro music.

Watch above, via ABC.

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