Trump: An ‘Olympic Champion’ Might Get Over Border Wall But No One Else Can


On Christmas Day, Donald Trump talked up his proposed Southern border wall by saying the only kinds of people who could ever get over it would be immigrants with Olympic levels of physical strength.

The president spoke to the White House press pool earlier the morning to quadruple down on the government shutdown while lamenting the “disgrace happening in our country.” As Trump claimed that the wall’s construction is already underway, he spoke of how his barricade will be impregnable to everyone…well, almost everyone.

“Now, there may be the case of an Olympic champion who can get over the wall, but for the most part, you’re not able to do it. Very high, it’s going to be 30 feet, much of it is 30 feet high, some of it’s lower. In some areas we have it as high as 30 feet. That’s as high as a three-story building.”

Trump went on by talking about border fence renovations while dismissing security alternatives to his wall.

Watch above, via CNN.

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