Trump Weighs in on Morning Ratings War: Fox & Friends ‘Blowing’ Away ‘Dead Show’ Morning Joe, CNN’s New Day


President Donald Trump, as is well known, watches a colossal quantity of television. And since his years as the star of a hit reality TV show, he cares a great deal about ratings.

On Thursday, Trump weighed in on the contentious morning ratings battle.

“Wow, @foxandfriends is blowing away the competition in the morning ratings,” Trump tweeted. “Morning Joe is a dead show with very few people watching and sadly, Fake News CNN is also doing poorly. Too much hate and inaccurately reported stories – too predictable!”

Ratings-wise, the president is somewhat correct. In the newly released Nielsen ratings for July, Fox & Friends was out in front with an average of 1.46 million total viewers. Morning Joe came in second with 1.04 million total viewers, and New Day third with 504,000 total viewers.

His contention that Morning Joe is a “dead show with very few people watching”, however, is obviously nonsense: 1 million viewers per day is hefty.

The president reportedly used to start his days with an hour of Morning Joe, followed by a few segments of CNN’s New Day in his morning schedule, and then on to his faithful Fox & Friends.

But Trump aides feared the rage instilled in Trump by MSNBC and CNN was dangerous to national security, so they launched a “subtle campaign,” per NY Mag, to get him onto a full diet of Fox & Friends. They were apparently successful, as its unclear Trump watches anything else in the morning these days.

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