Morning Joe Blasts Sarah Sanders Post-Trump Rally Press Briefing: ‘Pure Conspiracy, Pizzagate Nonsense’


On Thursday, Morning Joe started off with the Robert Mueller investigation and Donald Trump‘s tweets about it that caused a firestorm on Wednesday.

To open the show, they showed clips of Sarah Sanders saying in her press briefing on Wednesday that the president was just venting his opinion by tweet and not really making any suggestion, followed by a clip of former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer saying that Trump tweets are official public statements.

Joe Scarborough then, in the clipped portion above, brought up another moment from the briefing, when Sanders, in response to questions about how Trump and his supporters at rallies treat the press, told an apocryphal tale about reporters undermining the search for Osama bin Laden.

“Then speaking of fake news, you have Sarah Huckabee Sanders pushing a lie,” he said. “The fake news about some report on Osama bin Laden and how the press actually stopped American military men and women from catching– She might as well have said Neal Armstrong never walked on the moon. Just pure conspiracy, ‘pizzagate’ nonsense.”

Co-host Willie Geist agreed emphatically.

“Widely debunked theory that goes back to his rally two nights ago,” he concurred. “Those QAnon– we talked about this yesterday. The signs up everywhere. There’s conspiracy theories all over the place. Not only are they not squashing them, but they’re promoting them from the lectern of the briefing room.”

Geist went on to point out that the big story and the main point is what the president tweeted matters.

“But yesterday the president was as explicit as he’s ever been. Calling on the Attorney General of the United States to stop the Mueller investigation. That’s your headline. He said that,” Geist emphasized. “And no amount of spin from Rudy Giuliani or Jay Sekulow calling the New York Times and everybody else they could find on their speed dial to say, ‘oh, he’s just blowing off steam, expressing his opinion’ can change that. He called for an end to the investigation.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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