Trump’s Own Secretary of Defense Tells Fox News He Was a Threat To Democracy


Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stated on Monday he believes former President Donald Trump was a threat to democracy. Esper has authored a new book about his time in the administration, A Sacred Oath.

During his appearance on Special Report with Bret Baier, the host cited an excerpt in Esper’s book where he recounts Trump suggesting protestors be shot in their legs.

Baier then aired a clip from Esper’s 2019 Senate confirmation hearing. Esper stated at the time he would “absolutely” resign if he were ever asked to engaged in wrongdoing.

“There are points in this book where you clearly write you had crossed that Rubicon, and you don’t resign,” Baier stated.

Esper replied by saying he had never personally done anything untoward.

“I said I would never do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical” Esper said.

“You clearly suggest you were being asked to,” said Baier.

“It was being suggested by the president and we successfully pushed back on that,” he answered.

Later, Baier asked, “Do you think Donald Trump was a threat to democracy?”

“I think that given the events of January 6th, given how he has undermined the election results, he incited people to come to D.C., stirred them that morning, and failed to call them off. To me, that threatens our democracy.”

“So, yes?” Baier asked.

“What else can you conclude, Bret?” Esper replied, who then stated he hopes Trump doesn’t run for president again.

“I hope that the Republican base can figure out that while President Trump pushed a lot of traditional Republican ideas,” he said. “There are other candidates out there who could run that could do it without dividing the people, without creating such tension within the country, and do it by growing the base as well.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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