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John Kelly Slams Jeff Flake for Anti-Trump Speech: ‘I Think It’s Beneath Him’

Bret Baier on Trump’s Conflicting Tweets on FISA Debate: ‘It’s Kind of a Mess’

Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Spotted With Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Ari Fleischer Calls Jeff Flake’s Departure a Win for ‘Trump and Steve Bannon’

Bret Baier Points Out That Trump ‘Opened This Door’ of Politicizing Fallen Soldiers

FNC Panelist AB Stoddard: Trump’s Treatment of Military Families ‘Extremely Upsetting and… Offensive’

Tom Price Confirms That Trump Was Upset Over Private Flights: ‘He Wasn’t Happy’

Bret Baier Grills Tom Price Over Private Flights on Taxpayers’ Dime: ‘What Were You Thinking?’

Fox’s Howard Kurtz Defends Spicer from ‘Media Mob’: Do They Want Him to ‘Wear a Scarlet Letter’?

Judge Napolitano: Susan Rice and ‘Presumably’ Obama Knew Trump Team Was ‘Being Surveilled’

Bret Baier Calls Out Dems For Not Condemning Antifa: ‘Sounds a Lot Like “Both Sides” To Me’

Bret Baier Presses Conway on Trump’s Past Claims He Has ‘Nothing to Do With Russia’

Fox’s Bret Baier Points Out It’s Been 300 Days Since His Last Trump Interview, Invites Him on Again

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Refutes Trump’s Claim the Media ‘Ignored’ His Words on Charlottesville

Police Disperse Protesters With Smoke After Things Escalate Outside Trump Rally

Lindsey Graham Applauds Trump Speech: ‘Unlike Obama,’ He’s Listening to His Generals

Martha MacCallum on Trump Speech: This Was ‘A Very Trumpian Version of The War on Afghanistan’

Bret Baier: This Was ‘Clearly the Worst Week’ of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Bret Baier Covers Lawsuit and Allegations Against Fox News, White House on Special Report

Krauthammer Slams Trump/Press: Russia Meddling ‘Is Not The Main Story For God’s Sake’

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