comScore Tucker Carlson Completely Ignores Explosive Roy Moore News and Don Jr./WikiLeaks Bombshell

Tucker Carlson Completely Ignores Explosive Roy Moore News and Don Jr./WikiLeaks Bombshell


Monday was a helluva day for political news. Already dealing with the fallout over an explosive report in the Washington Post alleging he had pursued relationships with teenagers while he was in his 30s, Roy Moore was hit with another accusation — this one from a woman who said the ex-Alabama judge attempted to rape her when she was 16. This led to Republicans rushing to withdraw their endorsements, calling for him to step aside in the Alabama Senate race, and even stating that the Senate should expel him if he wins next month’s election.

This wasn’t the only bombshell of the day. Later on, The Atlantic reported that Donald Trump Jr. carried on a secret correspondence with WikiLeaks during the election. It was noted that Trump informed campaign officials that WikiLeaks had made contact with him and at one point, a tweet sent out by then-candidate Donald Trump came 15 minutes after WikiLeaks contacted Trump Jr. asking for that identical message to be tweeted out.

Now, if you are a regular Tucker Carlson Tonight viewer, you’d be forgiven if you weren’t aware of either of these major news stories. Because neither of them got mentioned Monday night.

Host Tucker Carlson started off his show with a lengthy interview with a law professor who wrote a New York Times op-ed titled ‘Can My Children Be Friends With White People?’ After spending nearly 20 minutes talking about this opinion piece on race with the professor and then another guest, Tucker devoted his next segment to discussing the GOP tax plan with Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX).

Following the Brady interview, Carlson did touch on Russia. But in this instance, it was highlighting the latest news about Jeff Sessions looking into appointing a special counsel to investigate Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. After that, he discussed the Steele dossier with The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel.

The final segments dealt with illegal immigration, the US Army granting waivers for enlistees who have a history of depression and a Louisiana landowner battling with the federal government over his land being designated a habitat for a rare species of frog.

So for those looking for discussions about land rights and the dusky gopher frog, Monday evening’s program was right up your alley. On the other hand, if you were looking for some coverage of the day’s top stories, well, maybe better luck next time.

A number of folks in the media noticed Tucker ignoring Monday’s big news:

Watch the clip of Carlson talking about frogs above, via Fox News.

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