Tucker Carlson Condemns Republicans Who ‘Play Along’ With Mueller Probe


Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned Republican lawmakers who have worked with Democrats to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, as he asked why “would anyone vote for thes people?”

Carlson began his show by describing the Senate Intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia a waste of time, in response to the NBC News report on committee members reaching a bipartisan consensus on the president’s innocence.

“The one thing we can’t do is fire Robert Mueller because actually our constitutional system doesn’t really acknowledge democracy, we can have someone who literally can’t be fired in the middle of the democratic republic — how does that work?” Carlson asked. “Republicans pushed that.”

He continued:

“Why would anyone vote for these people — seriously, right? One side perpetuating what is a transparent fraud and causing the wheels of government to grind to a halt… because no one has the space left to think about anything but Russia. If you’re playing along with that, why would Republican voters vote for you?””

The host’s guest, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, knocked Republicans who fear “the media or… their peer group more than they care about upholding the rule of law or they care about having a functioning republic.”

“Their minds are not free,” Carlson replied. “They spend all day trying to avoid being criticized by people who hate them for reasons that are not even related. Literally, they are ruled by their enemies. Their enemies live in their heads and control all of their behavior.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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