Tucker Carlson Equates White Supremacy With Those Protesting White Supremacy


Tucker Carlson should be ashamed.

At at time when there is nearly bipartisan condemnation for President Donald Trump‘s defense of the rights of Nazis and White Supremacists who marched in violent Charlottesville protests — and blamed counter-protesters for not having a permit — Carlson made a similar false moral equivalency under the guise of “identity politics.”

In the context of Trump’s sad and misguided press event earlier today, Carlson tried to turn the tables on the left in the most embarrassingly ridiculous manner possible. Ridiculous because his analysis was worthy of public ridicule and mockery.

Tucker opened his comments well enough by saying “one of the things I don’t like about some of these white supremacist groups is that race is at the center of their world view.” He then turned to blame the left, saying “but I see the same on the left,” adding “I see people with signs attacking white supremacy or it’s always about race for them as well.” In case there was any ambiguity, he finished by saying of his political opponents “they seem every bit as race-obsessed and angry as the people they are fighting. But nobody acknowledges that for some reason.”

Nobody acknowledges it because it’s a remarkably shallow and craven argument. People protesting white supremacy are obsessed with race because they are defending the hatred promoted by White Supremacy. Identity politics can be an annoyance to white dudes like Tucker Carlson, but to equate it with hate groups? GTFO.

Again to be clear: Carlson is equating the hate-filled white supremacists — who killed a counter-protester on Saturday — with the people attacking white supremacy because “it’s always about race for them as well.”

Watch this clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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