Tucker Carlson Gets Into It With Fox News Analyst: ‘You Just Compared Me To a Nazi Apologist!’


Things got really heated during tonight’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight between host Tucker Carlson and Fox News analyst Ralph Peters when Peters likened Carlson to a Nazi apologist in the 1930s over his stance towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With Carlson making the case that Americans should be more supportive of working with Putin and Russia in terms of fighting ISIS, especially in Syria, Peters pushed back and gave the Fox News host a number of reasons why the US should be wary.

“He is malevolent and he is as close to pure evil as I can find,” Peters exclaimed. “He’s also brilliant. I don’t understand what any American would want an alliance with Russia. We should be strengthening our alliance with democracies instead of trashing NATO — we should be building it up much more strongly.”

Carlson asked Peters why we couldn’t accept “that people who are bad people have similar interests” as us, leading Peters to make a pretty explosive observation.

“You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying ‘Hitler hasn’t attacked us,'” Peters said, referencing Lindbergh’s apologetic stance towards Nazi Germany.

“I beg your pardon,” Carlson interrupted. “You cannot compare me to someone who made apologies for Hitler. And I don’t think Putin is comparable to Hitler.”

Carlson then called the comparison “insane” before confronting Peters about what he had just said.

“You just compared me to a Nazi apologist because I asked the question,” he angrily said. Slow down! Slow down! Which is, why not contravene American interest with a group trying to kill ISIS?”

Peters shot back, saying Putin was as bad as Hitler, pointing out that he had invaded his neighbors and killed women and children on purpose in Syria. While saying he would take back the Lindbergh comparison, he reiterated that Carlson sounded like an apologist from 1938.

The two would go back and forth for a few more minutes with Carlson bringing up Peters support for the Iraq War and telling him that calling him an apologist is a “conversation stopper.”

Earlier this week, Peters had lit into President Donald Trump over his meeting with Putin, calling the whole thing a “huge propaganda” victory for the Russian leader.

Watch the fiery exchange above, via Fox News.

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