Ralph Peters

Col. Ralph Peters: ‘Founding Fathers Didn’t Want Every Juiced-Up Psycho’ to Have Machine Guns

‘Better a Million Dead North Koreans’: Fox News Strategic Analyst Goes Nuclear

Tucker Carlson Gets Into It With Fox News Analyst: ‘You Just Compared Me To a Nazi Apologist!’

Fox News Analyst Says Trump Afraid of Putin, Calls Meeting ‘Huge Propaganda Victory’ for Vladimir

Fox Analyst: ‘Terrible Idea’ for Trump to Pick Exxon CEO for State, He ‘Pals Around With’ Putin

Fox Analyst Tears Into Trump: You Really Think He Can Stand Up to Iran?!

Fox Analyst: Navy Sailor Who Apologized to Iran Should Be Court-Martialed

Fox News Contributors Suspended For ‘Pussy,’ ‘Shit’ Comments Aimed At Obama

Fox’s Peters, Dash Amateur, Unprofessional with Contrived Expletives; Both Should be Suspended

Fox Analyst: President Obama ‘Is Such a Total Pussy, It’s Stunning”

Fox’s Peters: Obama ‘Wouldn’t Shed a Tear’ if Israel Disappeared

Fox Military Analyst: Execution of Jordanian Pilot Better than Best Goat Sex ISIS Ever Had

Fox Contributor: ‘Putin Is Al Sharpton with Nukes’

‘Congress, You’re a Disgrace!’ Fox Analyst Rips Political Sniping over VA

Fox Analyst: VA Not All Obama’s Fault, Where Was Outrage Under Bush?

Fox’s Ralph Peters: If Shinseki Is Fired, ‘I Will Salute That Man’

Fox Analyst: Code Pink Gitmo Protests Taught Obama ‘It’s Easier’ to Just Kill Terrorists

Fox Analyst: ‘Putin Is Playing Game of Thrones and We’re Playing Downton Abbey

Fox Analyst: Putin Believes in Russia, Obama Doesn’t Believe in America at All

‘Our Enemies Are Killing Each Other’: Fox Military Analysts Battle O’Reilly Over Syria

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