Tucker Carlson Is Now Telling Viewers Breakthrough Cases Mean Vaccines ‘Don’t Actually Work in the Way They Told Us’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opened his show Friday telling viewers a “huge number” of vaccinated people are getting covid-19.

“It turns out that the covid vaccines, those wonder drugs that were absolutely perfect, that were more impressive than the moon landing, the drugs you were not allowed to question in any way, don’t actually work in the way they told us they did,” he said. “The science is more complicated than we thought.”

The vaccines have been shown to be very effective, but not 100 percent so, and there have been breakthrough cases reported recently.

“The bottom line is that a huge number of vaccinated people are getting covid, and some of them are getting very sick, even dying. That’s true around the world,” Carlson said.

He brought up the data from the Centers for Disease Control and said, “According to the CDC today, fully three quarters of the people infected in a recent outbreak, for example, in Massachusetts, had already been vaccinated.”

The CDC study in question found that three-quarters of people that got covid due to an outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts were vaccinated. Out of 469 people, 346 of the people who got the virus were vaccinated. “Among five COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized, four were fully vaccinated; no deaths were reported,” it said.

The vaccines have protected people from serious illness and death in the vast majority of cases. On Fox News Friday morning, Dr. Marty Makary explained, “If you’ve had the flu shot, you are at risk of transmitting the flu even though you’ve been vaccinated… The same is true for covid. The good news is with that vaccinated protection, you’re still very protected against severe illness.”

Anchor Julie Banderas followed up by saying, “And that’s the message we really just want to nail across. I can’t say it enough that the vaccine works. We cannot repeat that enough.” They even showed a graphic showing how few of the 160 million+ people vaccinated in the United States been hospitalized or have died.

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