Tucker Carlson: John Brennan’s Tweet on McCabe Firing Is Why ‘People Are Afraid of the Deep State’


At the top of his program this evening, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went off on critics of the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe less than two days before his retirement. Besides lamenting how “all these dumb people get jobs on television” when it comes to pundits condemning the move by the Trump administration, Carlson also took the opportunity to slam a former CIA director.

After making the case that McCabe lied about an active investigation and that is the “worst abuse of power,” Carlson played a montage of Democratic lawmakers tearing into the administration. Stating they had made “buffoonish points,” Carlson then brought up John Brennan’s tweet in reaction to Trump spiking the football on McCabe’s termination.

Noting that former UN Ambassador Samantha Power wrote that it wasn’t a “good idea to piss off” Brennan, Carlson then made the following observation:

“Former head of the CIA is going to do what exactly in response? No wonder people are afraid of the Deep State. This is what it looks like when it bears its fangs. Thwart us and we’ll destroy you.”

He concluded, “In case you are looking for a real threat to American democracy — and there are some — there you go.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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