John Brennan

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Dismisses Senate Intel Committee Finding No Collusion: Mueller Has Access to More Info

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Blasts Trump SOTU: Showed New Level of ‘Demagoguery’ and ‘Hyperbole’

Former CIA Director John Brennan: Intel Officers Feel ‘Dispirited’ By Trump’s Comments

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Trump Over Spat With Intel Leaders: Kim Jong Un Played Him ‘Like a Fiddle’

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Trump Over Roger Stone Tweet: Your Cabal of ‘Cronies’ Is Being Brought to Justice

Brennan: Stone Indictment Shows Effort to Swing Election ‘May Have Gone to the Very Top’ of Trump Campaign

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan: ‘Mike Pompeo Should Be Ashamed’ of Comments in Cairo Speech

Ex-CIA Director Brennan Hopes GOP Will Abandon Trump in 2019 After ‘Exposure of Your Malfeasance & Corruption’

John Brennan: Trump Shouldn’t Meet with Saudi Prince — He Should Make Him an ‘International Pariah’

John Brennan on North Korea’s Expanding Missile Program: Kim Jong Un ‘Masterful’ in How He ‘Duped’ Trump

Mike Barnicle on Trump’s Veteran’s Day: He’s So Narcissistic ‘He Doesn’t Get the Meaning of the Cemeteries’

John Brennan: There’s a Very Strong Case That Whitaker Should Recuse Himself From Overseeing Mueller Probe

John Brennan, Targeted By Bomb Threat, Calls Out Trump’s Response: You Are ‘Disgraceful’

Brennan Speaks Out on Bomb Addressed to Him, Reacts to Trump’s Call for Unity: He Shouldn’t Be Fueling Anger

Updated List as More Suspicious Packages Found Addressed to Eric Holder, Waters, and Others

Fox News Expresses Solidarity With CNN in Memo: ‘We Condemn All Attempted Acts of Violence Against Media’

CNN Reports Explosive Device Sent to HQ Was Addressed to Former CIA Director John Brennan

Ed Henry Blasts ‘Deranged’ Brennan Over Kavanaugh Tweet: ‘Spare Me’ Lecture On ‘Who’s Partisan’

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Kavanaugh: His ‘Temperament and Blatant Partisanship’ Are Disqualifying

Kavanaugh’s Lawyer Clashes With CNN’s John Berman: ‘You’re Trying to Malign His Character’

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