Tucker Carlson Rips ‘Snarling Face’ Dan Crenshaw After Congressman Calls McCarthy Holdouts ‘Terrorists’


Tucker Carlson called Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) the “snarling face of the donor class” after the congressman referred to House Republicans who oppose Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker as “terrorists.”

Crenshaw is firmly in McCarthy’s corner as 20 Republicans continue to deny him the speakership. Tuesday, Crenshaw referred to those opposing McCarthy as “narcissists” and “enemies.”

Wednesday, he called them “terrorists” while speaking with Guy Benson. “We cannot let the terrorists win,” he said.

Crenshaw later defended his language while speaking to reporter Henry Rodgers of the Daily Caller. Carlson, who co-founded the Daily Caller but is no longer affiliated with the outlet, took on the congressman.

The host cast the Texas Republican as a “neocon” who represents big money in politics. After he chronicled Crenshaw’s comments about his GOP colleagues throughout the past two days, the Tucker Carlson Tonight host spoke about McCarthy.

“You may like Kevin McCarthy, or not,” he said. “Both are allowed. But no matter how you feel, you have to acknowledge, if you’re being honest, that people who don’t like Kevin McCarthy have a reason for that. They have real concerns, real issues.”

Carlson then unloaded on Crenshaw, who he said did not address those concerns:

Instead he impugned their motive, their character, their intelligence, their moral standing. They’re narcissists. In fact, and we’re quoting, they’re “enemies” now.

Now, what you just saw as Dan Crenshaw just spoke, is the snarling face of the donor class revealed for all to see, finally. The deep loathing of disobedient voters that may be their most passionate secret emotion. But they’re not bothering to hide that emotion anymore. Now you know how they really feel.

Crenshaw later appeared to fire back at Carlson in a tweet.

“Grow a thicker skin,” he wrote.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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