Tucker Carlson Spends His Friday Night Raging About a CNN Story on Cuckolding


Tucker Carlson just had a groundbreaking episode of his Fox News show. Those lonely lucky enough to get the chance to watch his primetime program on a Friday night were treated to a series of hard-hitting segments on camel botox, California cracking down on plastic straws, and a high school football coach getting in trouble for praying on a field.

Oh, and cucks.

You read that right. The night that followed bombshell reports that President Donald Trump tried to fire the guy investigating him, Carlson spent a segment of his primetime show with The Hill media reporter Joe Concha discussing a CNN story on cuckolding — the sexual fantasy of your wife having intercourse with another man.

“Want to be a true intellectual man of the future?” Tucker seethed. “Become a cuckold. Those are the instructions from CNN.”

Carlson was referring to a fairly innocuous story posted on CNN.com which reported on a study that found that “Cuckolding can be positive for some couples.”

But where you might see a silly post about some random study on sexual fetishes, Carlson sees a left-wing conspiracy hellbent on undermining his traditional family values.

Appearing alongside a graphic blaring “CNN LOSES ITS MIND,” Carlson described the post as “a bizarre propaganda-style article posted to CNN’s website.”

“It’s hard to tell what exactly the intent of the article is, except to encourage the breakdown of healthy marriages as they have been understood for, let’s see, all of history,” Carlson continued. “It’s a common theme on the left, which hates the traditional family, for reasons that are not really clear.”

Concha then lent his expertise on the subject, telling Tucker that CNN’s descent into madness is weeks in the making, as they featured a bong on their New Year’s Eve coverage from Colorado, where weed is legal.

Concha also slammed the network for uttering the word “shithole” on air a number of times when reporting on comments the president apparently made about African countries. The Hill reporter concluded that CNN is losing it because of struggling ratings.

“But it’s always in the same direction,” Carlson declared, slapping his pen on his desk. “It’s towards things that are perverse, disgusting, creepy, weird, unhappy, and against the one thing they hate — which is, like, an average family.”

“They hate that. What is that about? Why is the left so angry at the family?” Carlson pleaded to Concha. “I don’t understand, I really don’t.”

Concha offered a theory that coastal media elites think having a family in the suburbs with a white picket fence is seen as “not hip, not cool, not within the bubble.”

Carlson continued to dump on CNN for a little while, with Concha happily going along for the ride, before the segment wrapped.

“Have a good cuckolding weekend,” a depraved Joe Concha concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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