Tyrus Talks ‘Redemption’ For Criminals in First Fox News Hit Since Britt McHenry Harassment Allegations


Former pro-wrestler and Fox News personality Tyrus made his first appearance back on the network Friday since reports emerged this week that he was accused of sexually harassing a co-worker.

While Tyrus, whose real name is George Murdoch, was kicked off the Fox Nation show he hosted with Britt McHenry after she reportedly filed a sexual harassment report against him, he was given his own show on the digital streaming platform called, NUFFSAID. And it seems he is not taking any kind of break from Fox News, as he appeared on the Daily Briefing Friday with Dana Perino to discuss “redemption” — that is, in the context of President Donald Trump’s Second Chance initiative for felons

“I think redemption is really the American way,” Tyrus said after Perino praised Trump’s program regarding ex-prisoners. “And for a long time, it seemed to be for certain aspects of our society it is not allowed. I’m glad to see that people can make mistakes, pay for their mistakes, and be allowed to have a fresh start — and a fresh opportunity to put those mistakes behind them.”

In a statement to Mediaite, Fox News claimed the matter had been investigated and “resolved.”

“While we are not at liberty to discuss the details of any employee matter, we follow strict protocols when matters such as these are brought to our attention, and we make no exceptions,” a spokesperson said. “The process works because of the extensive systems and measures we have instituted. This situation was independently investigated and we consider the matter resolved. We respect the confidentiality of all involved.”

However, after the reports that Tyrus had been removed from Fox Nation’s Un-PC over McHenry’s accusations of sexually inappropriate comments and text messages, McHenry took to Twitter and appeared to rebut the network’s official statement.

“You act like I don’t have proof. Smh. Carry on,” McHenry wrote in a post that she quickly took down.

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