ABC News Obtains Trump Campaign’s Internal Polling Showing Him Losing to Biden in Key States


Trump's Impeachment is a Fantasy in Today's Media Environment

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported on internal Trump camp polling showing President Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden in several states.

Trump publicly slammed the reporting and claimed it was based on “Fake numbers”:

George Stephanopoulos asked Trump about it and the president said, “My polls show that I’m winning everywhere… Those polls don’t exist.”

This afternoon ABC News reported on the Trump camp’s first internal reelection polling data––confirmed by the campaign––and said they do in fact show Trump trailing Biden in key states like Pennsylvania (55-39) and Wisconsin (51-41).

The Trump campaign responded by saying the numbers are from March and don’t take into account developments since then:

“These leaked numbers are ancient, in campaign terms, from months-old polling that began in March before two major events had occurred: the release of the summary of the Mueller report exonerating the President, and the beginning of the Democrat candidates defining themselves with their far-left policy message,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale told ABC News in a statement. “Since then, we have seen huge swings in the President’s favor across the 17 states we have polled, based on the policies now espoused by the Democrats. For example, the plan to provide free health care to illegal immigrants results in an 18-point swing toward President Trump.”

More recently, ABC News reports, the Trump camp said they had more up-to-date data showing the president with “a ‘lead in every state’ they polled.”

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