Watch Chris Matthews Rant About Mueller ‘The Starfish’ Attacking Trump ‘The Clam’: ‘Battle to the Death’

An animated Chris Matthews concluded his MSNBC show on Monday night with an analogy, pulled from his high school biology class, comparing President Donald Trump and his investigator Robert Mueller to a clam and starfish engaged in a fierce battle to the death.

“Remember the starfish and the clam?” Matthews asked his viewers. “I know we dissected one or the other — definitely the starfish.”

“Mueller reminds me of the starfish, which gets itself tight on the clam, and uses all its stuff to weaken and pry open the clam.”

“Now this is a battle to the death,” Matthews declared, “as far as the clam is concerned.”

“If the starfish is able to open him even a little bit he can get him open all the way, and that’s it, of course, for the clam. He’s the starfish’s lunch.”

“These special counsels,” Matthews explained, “like starfishes don’t give up. Their purpose in life is to open the clam, get what’s in them and devour it whole.”

“If you haven’t noticed, Mueller is in no hurry. He just keeps prying, and that clam in the White House is now snuggly in his grip.”

“Does anyone think this is going to end well for the clam?” Matthews asked.

Watch above, via MSNBC. Watch again, just to hear Matthews say “clam” 5,000 times over.

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