Watch ‘Lifelong Conservative’ Iowa Family Explain Why They Can’t Vote For Trump: ‘He’s Not a Conservative’


NBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard was at the Iowa State Fair this weekend to see how the 2020 Democratic field is being received among local residents, and he held an interesting interview with a conservative family that refuses to back President Donald Trump.

Kate and Taylor Miller both identified themselves as conservative-leaning to Hillyard, but both women said they were leaning toward Senator Kamala Harris in the general election.

“I’m a lifelong conservative,” Kate Miller explained. “I actually campaigned door to door for Chuck Grassley his first year as a senate campaign, senate candidate, but I cannot vote for Donald Trump. He is not a conservative. I don’t think he’s a good man and when you watch a cabinet member after cabinet member fall away from him, I just can’t vote for him.”

Paul Miller got in next, stating it’s “hard to say” if he’ll vote Democrat this time around, but he explained his Trump vote in 2016 as “I didn’t vote for anybody, I voted against Democrats.” Taylor followed up by saying the 2020 election will be her first chance to vote as an 18-year-old, and while she also considers herself conservative, “I can’t vote for Donald Trump.”

“If there was a better conservative, I would probably vote for them,” Taylor said. “He says so many things that are just absolutely disgusting and tweeting foreign policy is not presidential enough.”

Taylor concluded by agreeing with her mother that she could get behind Democrats who champion a reasonable position on issues like borders, immigration, and school safety.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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