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Whoopi Goldberg Confronts AOC Over Comments About Older Democrats: ‘Bothered the Hell Out of Me’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared on The View Wednesday to talk about her support of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). At one point, Whoopi Goldberg questioned her about something that’s bothered her for a while.

“I was very happy when you were elected because I thought it was a great step in a good direction,” Goldberg said, “and then you lost me because it felt like you were saying to people like me that I was too old and didn’t do enough.”

“Oh, no,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

“Well, that’s what it sounded like. And so that has bothered me because I feel like — I love young people. I was once one. But you’re on my shoulders,” Goldberg said. “And we have carried this fight. People like Nancy Pelosi, who was the only chick in the room for years, and Madam [Diane] Feinstein who was the only chick in the room for years and had to deal with all of that stuff, and to sort of hear it sound like you were dismissing us bothered the hell out of me.”

Goldberg asked if she misunderstood what she was saying.

Ocasio-Cortez said in responded, “I work very closely with my sister Rashida Tlaib and one of the things that she says is we are not divided, we are disconnected. The way that we connect is by sharing, honestly, our takes with each other. That being said, first of all, I think there’s a lot of incentive to blow up disagreements in the party as like huge fights because I think it’s important for us all to recognize — and we do this in our rallies — to recognize the people who have been in this fight to allow us to have this window as we do right now.”

She called Pelosi the “mama bear of the Democratic party” and shouted out other Democrats who served for many years, including the late Elijah Cummings, saying, “I think it’s important to say that but also to say that part of, I think, youth and culture, it’s always been seen and cast as rebellious, but ultimately, we are not a moment that is disconnected from our past, we are part of a long movement of ancestors and elders that we should always acknowledge.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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