Jimmy Carter

Rick Perry’s Political Prowess on Border Crisis Ignites Talk of Second Chance

Jimmy Carter Grandson Tells MSNBC He Can’t Block Confederate License Plates in Georgia

Jimmy Carter Knocks Hillary: ‘Took Very Little Action to Bring About Peace’

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Shouldn’t Bomb Iran Even If They Get a Nuclear Weapon

Jimmy Carter: If I Were President, I Would Consider Pardoning Snowden

Bill Maher Smacks Dems: Stop Being ‘Wimps’!

Jimmy Carter: Why Should I Care About ‘Criminal’ Oliver North Criticizing Me?

NSA Head Fires Back at Jimmy Carter for Claiming the NSA’s Monitoring Him

Jimmy Carter Thinks The NSA Monitors His Emails

Jimmy Carter: Obama the Only President So Far Not to Call Me for Advice

Gov. Jindal Apologizes to Jimmy Carter: You Are No Longer the Worst President Ever

Concha: Bill Clinton Pardoned, Tops ‘Most Forgivable Liar’ Poll

14 Politicians and Media Personalities Who Have Won Grammys

Rothman: Pundits’ Desperation for Obama to ‘Do Something’ Yields Worst Advice Ever: Fire Everyone

MSNBC Panel Warns Progressives Against Turning Into Democrats’ Tea Party

Obama, Not Bush, Lost the Middle East

Rahm Emanuel Takes a Swipe at Obama While Bashing the GOP on CNN

Lindsey Graham: Obama’s Just Making ‘Jimmy Carter Look Better by the Day’

Jimmy Carter Agrees With Zimmerman Verdict: ‘Jury Made The Right Decision’

Former President Jimmy Carter Opens Up To CNN About Paula Deen: ‘My Heart Goes Out To Her’

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