Stephen Colbert Goes To Battle With MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough…

Stephen Colbert wasn’t originally planning to endorse his sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who is running for Congress against Mark Sanford in South Carolina. But one Joe Scarborough changed his mind when he decided to air a “pure infomercial” for Sanford during a recent episode of Morning Joe.

Morning Joe vs. The Colbert Report? It’s on.

Gushing over the “political story of the millennium,” Colbert insisted he didn’t “ask for this fight,” but that it was thrust upon him. Morning Joe can be confusing — in that “sometimes people confuse with news” — but such was not the case on Wednesday when it served as “a pure infomercial” for Sanford.

Running a montage of Sanford-related fanfare from the show (classes could be taught based on the way he’s ran his campaign, you guys), Colbert plainly asserted, “Woodward and Bernstein may have had ‘Deep Throat,’ but Mike Barnicle is doing something similar to Mark Sanford.”

And so Colbert made his move that will “shock a lot of people,” endorsing Colbert Busch for Congress. “Yes, she’s a Democrat,” he acknowledged, “but she’s a businesswoman, a job creator, who, when raising 3 children on $14,000 a year, went back to school, built a 20-year career in international trade, and is now leading Mark Sanford in two consecutive polls.”

For Scarborough, he had a message: “I would not have done that if you had not inspired me.”

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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