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DHS Community Outreach Head Resigns Over Past Racist and Anti-Muslim Comments

Oops! Department of Defense Retweets Account Calling on Trump to Resign

Katy Tur Grills Gloria Allred Over Accuser’s Claim: ‘That Doesn’t Really Make Sense’

Twitter Has an Absolute Field Day Over Carter Page’s Floppy Red Bucket Hat

John Heilemann: ‘Sean Hannity and Fox News Are a Totally Corrupt Enterprise’

Jim Acosta to Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Do You Think Roy Moore ‘Is a Creep?’

Fox News’ Shep Smith Methodically Debunks Uranium One Conspiracy Theories

NBC News Fires Senior Executive Amid Allegations of ‘Inappropriate Conduct’ With Women

Sessions Lashes Out After Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Accuses Him of Lying About Russian Contacts

Jeff Sessions: ‘I Have No Idea’ How Many Times I’ve Said I Can’t Recall Things

Sessions to GOP Rep: ‘It Would Take a Factual Basis’ to Appoint Special Counsel to Probe Clinton

Jeff Sessions: The DOJ ‘Can Never Be Used to Retaliate Politically Against Opponents’

Watch This Paddleboarder’s Insane Close Encounter With a Humpback Whale

Stephanie Ruhle Makes Suggestive Reference to Roy Moore’s ‘Pistol’ in MSNBC Rant

Tucker Carlson Completely Ignores Explosive Roy Moore News and Don Jr./WikiLeaks Bombshell

Jeff Sessions Looking at Appointing Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton Foundation

Alabama’s Largest Newspaper: ‘Roy Moore Grossly Unfit for Office’

CNN’s Margaret Hoover Gets Exasperated With Roy Moore Supporter in Heated Battle

Ted Cruz Retracts Roy Moore Endorsement: ‘Grown Men Don’t Typically Sign High School Girls’ Yearbooks’

Roy Moore Was Reportedly Banned From Alabama Mall Because He Badgered Teen Girls

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