Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump For Treatment of Fallen Soldiers’ Families: ‘Moral Disgrace’

Richard Painter on Trump Politicizing Death of Kelly’s Son: ‘No Understanding of Human Emotions’

FNC Panelist AB Stoddard: Trump’s Treatment of Military Families ‘Extremely Upsetting and… Offensive’

Kellyanne Conway and Don Jr. Retweeted Russian Troll Account Days Before Election

Mark Cuban Continues to Fan the Flames on a 2020 Run: ‘I Think I Qualify’

George Will Goes Off on Trump: ‘He’s Barely on Speaking Terms With the English Language’

CNN: The $25,000 Check Trump Promised Gold Star Father Was Not Sent Until Today

Eric Holder Rips Trump Over False Claim Obama Didn’t Call Fallen Soliders’ Families: ‘A Damn Lie’

Jake Tapper Laments How Soldiers’ Deaths Are Now Just a ‘Piece of Ammunition in the Snark Wars’

Trump Tweets At NFL: ‘Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action’

‘I Am Sorry’: Nicolle Wallace Goes On a Tear About Trump’s Actions This Week

White House Reportedly Drafted Niger Sympathy Statement That Trump Never Used

Trump Reportedly Promised A Gold Star Father $25,000, But Never Sent The Money

Sarah Sanders: Gen. John Kelly ‘Disgusted’ by Politicalization of Son’s Death

Gold Star Widow Tells CNN She Did Not Receive Promised Call from Trump

Sarah Sanders: ‘Disgrace of the Media’ To Portray Trump’s Call to Widow as ‘Something That It Isn’t’

Pro-Trump Twitter Account With Massive Clout Was Run by Russian Trolls

Sarah Sanders on Trump’s ‘Proof’ of Widow Call: No Recording But Others in the Room

Jeff Sessions: I Don’t Know If I Can Commit to Not Jailing Reporters for Doing Their Jobs

Hey Trump Fans, if Las Vegas Was a Big Conspiracy, Why is Trump Falling for it?

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