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Twitter Goes Absolutely Nuts Over Sammy Sosa’s Cowboy Photo: ‘Is That…Sammy Sosa?’

Here Are the Craziest Philly Police Scanner Reports After Eagles Win: ‘Someone Lit a Christmas Tree on Fire’

Antonio Sabato Jr. Compares Being Blackballed By Hollywood To Holocaust: ‘It’s Happening to Me’

This Terrible Amateur Witness Sketch Actually Helped Cops Identify Suspected Thief

Kellyanne Conway: FBI Agents Were ‘Sexting Each Other About This Investigation’

Fox & Friends Guest Trashes CNN: ‘They Need Illegal Immigrants to Watch Their Ratings’

The NRA and Dan Bongino Have No Idea How to Make Lemonade

Schnippers Owner Issues Personal Apology After NY Post Columnist Has Meltdown Over Delayed Burger Order

Morning Joe Gets Painfully Awkward After Guest Asks Joe to Let Mika Speak: ‘Did Your Earpiece Go Out?’

Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Opioid Cabinet’ Reportedly Freezing Out Drug Crisis Experts

Doritos Considering ‘Lady-Friendly’ Chips That Don’t Crunch As Much

Watch Eagles Fans Take to the Streets After Super Bowl Win: ‘Philadelphia is Literally the Purge Right Now’

The Groundhog Has Spoken: Six More Weeks of Winter!

Jimmy Kimmel Trashes His BMW in Head-On Collision En Route to Oscars Rehearsal

Michael Wolff Fires Back After Trainwreck Morning Joe Interview: ‘The President is Right About Mika’

Farewell, Sweet Prince: A Retrospective on Trey Gowdy’s Hair

Rep. Kennedy Mocked For Delivering SOTU Rebuttal After Applying Vat of Chapstick to Face

Watch Jeanine Pirro Harass Locals While Searching for Hillary Clinton in The Chappaqua Woods

Trump Likes Tweet on Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made Against ‘Great Friend’ Steve Wynn

Tucker Carlson Spends His Friday Night Raging About a CNN Story on Cuckolding

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