Judge Imposes Gag Order on Roger Stone: Your Apology Rings ‘Quite Hollow’


Roger Stone was shredded on Thursday by Judge Amy Berman Jackson after posting a picture of her on his Instagram with a crosshair next to her.

CNN reporter Kara Scannell explained  she did not believe the apology he made and submitted to the court.

“She just told Roger Stone that, ‘His apology rings quite hollow.’ And now she is going through saying this is now, not just about speeches and gag orders but threatening,” Scannell said. “Stone has not been Chasen. She’s not assured ‘he’s all talk and no action.’ She said, ‘he chose to do something, a deliberate action that could incite others’. She said this was, ‘let there be no mistake, a deliberate choice. She did not find his testimony credible on the stand today, that he couldn’t keep his story straight.”

She made it very clear, that she did not believe Roger Stone testifying today. She thinks it was a serious threat, that it was a deliberate action that he had taken and that one that she has taken quite seriously now that she will revisit the terms of the gag order that is against Roger Stone.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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