Trump Says States He’s Losing Are Just Dumb: ‘We’re Winning Everywhere Where People Are Intelligent’


In a remarkably nontraditional bit of political rhetoric, President Donald Trump appeared to insult the very constituents of the states where he is currently behind former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls. That’s right, instead of seeking to build his popularity in the near dozen battleground states where he is behind and desperately needs to swing in his favor, he insulted them.

During a mid-day rally in Greenville, NC, Trump spoke in his predictable disparaging way, saying “I’m running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics,” he lamented. “How do you lose to a guy like this?” he asked, adding “Ay, ay, ay…” for flourish.

He followed by noting, apparently according to his internal polls, he is “leading in North Carolina,” though multiple polls show him down a few points. “I think we are leading everywhere people are intelligent,” he added. So, those states where he is down in the polls are apparently filled with morons?

“And actually we just got a report, the lines are through the roof on areas that would more typically vote for us,” Trump added. “Trying to be diplomatic when I say that,” he added.

Later in the rally, Trump felt it important to explain the specific role he plays in global politics to his intelligent base of supporters. “I am president of our country,” he explained. “We are not president of the world.”

One can imagine how this might be covered if Joe Biden were to proclaim that those who don’t support him are not intelligent. (It would likely be a month’s worth of A-Block fodder for The Five.) But that’s likely a post for another day.

Watch above via Fox News.

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