Andy McCarthy Dismisses Trump Slamming FBI, DOJ Over Election Claims: Cases Are Being Thrown Out Because There’s No Proof

National Review contributing editor and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy pushed back Monday against President Donald Trump’s attack on the DOJ and FBI as supposedly being “missing in action” with respect to his continued election fight.

When Bill Hemmer asked about that particular Trump claim, McCarthy said, “Respectfully, I don’t really think there’s much to it. Remember, Attorney General Barr got a lot of criticism by saying that the FBI should look into any serious allegations of election fraud. So it’s not that they’ve been silent on it.”

More broadly on the legal challenges, McCarthy continued, “The civil standard of proof — the standard of proof in civil cases — is lower than what you need in criminal cases to get a conviction. And yet all of the president’s civil cases that his lawyers have filed, either alleging fraud or alleging fraud and then reneging on alleging fraud, have all been thrown out of court because there’s no proof.”

“So if they can’t prove a civil case, how are they ever going to prove a criminal case?” he asked.

The discussion came hours after Arizona officially certified its election results, even as the Trump legal team was in Arizona for a meeting organized by state Republicans.

McCarthy also pushed back on the criticism of the Supreme Court for its recent ruling rejecting New York’s covid restrictions on religious gatherings.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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