David Letterman Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary of His Late Night Debut By Launching YouTube Channel for ‘All Your Favorite Clips’


David Letterman’s late-night debut came 40 years ago today, and he is marking the occasion by digging up some fan-favorite clips.

The comedian took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce news of his updated YouTube channel, posting a clip of comedian and Letterman legend Larry “Bud” Melman from his first show.

Letterman also shared the link to his YouTube channel, adding, “You’ve been warned …”

The channel, described as “home to all your favorite clips from Late Night and Late Show,” currently has more than 100 videos from Letterman’s time on the small screen.

“These highlights have been artisanly-produced, carefully-curated, and chosen completely at random by an old computer that used to pick numbers for the New York Lotto back in the 90’s,” the description adds.

Along with past interviews with Andy Kaufman, Mister Rogers, Robin Williams, Carrie Fisher and other iconic guests, the channel includes a four-second clip of Letterman saying, “This is not a competition; it’s only an exhibition. Please, no wagering.”

The comedian had teased the announcement throughout the week, also sharing a video of him laughing alongside the date “2.1.2022.”

Late Night With David Letterman premiered on Feb. 1, 1982 with his first-ever guest being Bill Murray.

“It was really fun,” Murray recently told Yahoo Entertainment about the night. “I remember a lot about that night, although I don’t remember thinking that ‘Physical‘ was gonna be my statement piece that I’d be remembered for. If I were taken by God tonight, probably the first thing that would come up on Yahoo tomorrow would be: ‘Tragedy today as entertainer William Murray dies.’ And then ‘Physical’ would come up and there’d be a photograph of me at the bottom of a fire escape having fallen the last three stories to the street.”

Murray went on to appear on Letterman’s late-night shows 43 times in a span of 33 years. He was also Letterman’s final guest.

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