Gordon Ramsay’s Hated Father-In-Law To Open Questionable ‘British Tapas’ Restaurant

If photos were allowed in dictionaries, the image next to the word “acrimonious” would be of Gordon Ramsay and his former business partner and father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson. (To quickly recap the bitter, publicly-fought feud that cost millions of pounds and tore the English people apart: read this.) However, we’re positive that Ramsay will soon be feeling the schadenfreude when he hears that Hutcheson has decided to open his own restaurant…which will serve “British tapas.”

Hutcheson — who’s apparently all, “Whatever, I don’t need you, I can run my own restaurant empire without a multi-starred Michelin chef at the helm, for as long as I know how to love, I know I’ll be alive — is opening a lunchtime takeaway restaurant with his son in London, called Scotts.

There’s no set date for Scotts to open, which means that we have plenty of time to think about how much this idea is a total trainwreck. Are we about to see tortillas Yorkshire? Patatas Marmite? Croquetas de Spam? How are these in any way an “alternative to sandwiches”?

There is, however, a silver lining. We’re pretty sure that British cuisine, tapas, takeout, and father-in-law who Ramsay loathes will make for the best episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever.


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