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NYC DJ On Newly Opened Carbone: What’s The Big Deal? It’s Just Mozzarella Sticks

The subject of this week’s Grub Street “New York Diet” was singer/rapper/writer DJ Hesta Prynn, and you know we love it when non-chefs do these, because it makes us feel way better about how much we drink. Hesta was sort of up in the air about whether she should be on a juice cleanse, getting all her calories from champagne, “eating clean,” or just vegan during her birthday week. The poor restaurant that fell into her sexually confused clutches during this time was Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone’s newly opened red-sauce spot Carbone in the West Village. Documents Hesta:

Dragged myself to a 9:30 reservation at Carbone with some new food-obsessed friends. Because I hang with thugs, not foodies, I couldn’t understand what everyone was so entranced by. It was definitely delicious and I felt fortunate to be there, but no need for a dissertation on, like … mozzarella-cheese sticks. I left early and re-promised myself a few days of clean eating.

Uh, we’ll take her leftover cheese sticks! (Were there any leftovers…?)

[Grub Street]

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