WATCH: A Fatherly Eric Ripert Teaches Elizabeth Olsen How To Chop Garlic

Eric Ripert warmly invited special guest Elizabeth Olsen onto the latest installment of his Reserve Channel series On The Table. In honor of her all-time favorite episode of Avec Eric, he embarked upon their culinary adventure together teaching her how to make Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu. Sadly, no boars were hunted with The Charming Olsen during the making of this episode.

But Eric did assume a fatherly affection for “Lizzie” as he nervously taught her how to chop garlic while softly buzzed on a tequila/cointreau/sriracha cocktail. He also warned that juice cleanses probably permanently affect your brain and that you’ll never be the same after undergoing one ever again. We’re digging the protective, nurturing side of Monsieur Ripert!

Check out their lovefest in its entirety below.

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