Eric Ripert Secretly Wants To Be Indiana Jones

He trots around the globe, collects statues, and uses an unconventional weapon — quick: is it Indiana Jones, or Eric Ripert? What if we just described both? You’d probably be quite surprised — but not really, seeing that Ripert just filed a few reports from his travels to Bhutan describing the types of exploits that Steven Spielberg may one day put into film.

In a questionnaire he filled out for Fathom Magazine, Ripert revealed that his “travel hero” was the Harrison Ford hero himself, and that he always brings home buddha statues from his trips that, when assembled, create a map pointing to the hidden temple containing the mystical Golden Hand Of Siddharta Gautama  as souvenirs.

Also, Ripert eschews concierge service when he travels, relying on the guidance of friends to steer him towards the best restaurants, markets, and landmarks, which served him well on his recent trip to Bhutan. But there’s one thing he recommends to Fathom readers, even if they happen to be the greatest archaeology professor that ever was: read up on your visa application. “There are quite a few steps in the application and important points to learn.”

(Here’s a slideshow of that one time he cooked dinner for an entire monastery.)

[Fathom, Fathom, h/t Grub Street]

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