WATCH: Fedora Guy Tries To Win Food Network Star With ‘Gastronaut’ Puns

On last night’s Food Network Star, Alton Brown played the interloping auctioneer to the six remaining competitors and an audience of so-called “gastronauts.” You know what, we’re just relieved no one used the word “foodie” here, so it’s fine.

And how did Rodney, the “pie-style” guy, attempt to charm the crowd into bidding on his pie? With PUNS! Now, some of us love puns and some of us are made uncomfortable by them. But basing a whole pitch around how much you cherish, love, and respect astronauts, only to take a pretend-call from Bobby Flay (who is sitting right in front of you, delivering palpable side-eye) and pretend-realize that you were actually speaking to a crowd of gastronauts is pretty funny! And by funny, we mean excruciating.

Check out the clip below.

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