Fro Yo Is Officially Ruining New York City (After 7-Elevens, Of Course)

Ah, frozen yogurt. You were so promising at one point. You were such a delightful treat in the dead heat of 100-degree, blazing, sweat-dripping-from-places-we-didn’t-think-we-could-sweat dead heat of summer. But yes, you too have fallen out of New York City’s good graces (Grubstreet called it first), and now you’re gentrifying the whole city. How do you feel now?!

Jezebel turned us on to a new depressing Tumblr called “and now it’s a fucking froyo place,” with pictures detailing the overhaul of old businesses into frozen yogurt shops. Bye florists! Bye barber shops! Bye bodegas!

The Tumblr says it’s “tracking the downfall of New York,” but only when you calculate the number of 7-Elevens* and Duane Reades that have opened in the city can you accurately track the downfall of everyone’s favorite city to shit on.**

*Oh wait, MUSTACHE STRAWS MASON JARS BIG GULP SLURPEES. 7-Eleven still wins the war on horrifying things.
**Except LA. How are you guys liking fro yo these days?

[Jezebel, h/t and now it’s a fucking froyo place.]

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