WATCH: Gail Simmons Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell To Celebrate Impending End Of Top Chef: Season 10

Tomorrow is the first part of the Top Chef: Seattle finale, and to celebrate that event, judge Gail Simmons rang the opening bell of the NASDAQ (along with invisible corporate sponsors Comcast and Bravo, who are legally people, too).

Earlier, Gail dropped this news on us:

And we were all like, “Gail Simmons is starting the trading day? My word, we shall have to tune in at 9:30 AM!”

While no one will tell us if elegant and graceful Kristen Kish made it back onto the show, we do learn that Simmons is really good at tolerating financial industry pablum. And that opening bell crystal (which looks like a meat tenderizer from intergalactic royalty) is pretty dope.

Click here to watch Gail Simmons jump-start capitalism!


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