Former Inmate Featured on Gordon Behind Bars Lands Restaurant Job

Gordon Ramsay’s show Gordon Behind Bars has a had a bigger impact on society than simply providing us with yet another chance to watch him shout at people. One of the former inmates featured on the show has been offered a job at Roast, one of London’s top restaurants.

Andrew Insley impressed owner Iqbal Wahhab when Wahhab dined at a temporary restaurant set up by the show at Brixton Prison. When Insley’s sentence was finished, he was offered a work placement position and Wahhab says that he has more than lived up to the restaurant’s high expectations. He isn’t the first ex-inmate who has found work in a restaurant after being featured on the program. In fact, Ramsay offered jobs to two prisoners upon their release at the Savoy.

Behind Bars works to set up a bakery inside the prison so that the men can learn a skill and earn their catering qualifications in order to have a better chance of getting a job and staying out of jail once their sentences end. Compared to the cheftestants on this season of Hell’s Kitchen, we think the former convicts will probably be easier to work with.

[Evening Standard]

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