Harvard Business School Team Wins elBulli Foundation Competition

Two teams from the Harvard Business School just beat out groups from around the world to win Ferran Adria’s case competition to help him structure the El Bulli Foundation, the culinary innovation lab proposed after the creative destruction of his old restaurant el Bulli.

Since Adria’s vision for the foundation extends beyond food into the development of sustainable technology and energy, the proposals had to be deemed worthy by a judging panel made up of VIPs with ridiculous credentials, including Financial Times writer Victor Mallet, NYU Stern Business School professor Russell Winer, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. Seriously. The Spanish press release from Telefonica, which cosponsored the competition, lauds the Harvard teams for incorporating sophisticated technologies (including a tantalizingly-interesting mention of bioluminescent lights) as well as creating an organizational structure devoid of corporate hierarchy. (That’s them with Adria in the photo above, with a scale model of the new campus for the Foundation! Oooooh.)

But while it’s visionary and important and paradigm-shifting and stuff, the most important takeaway is that according to the winning teams’ proposals, the foundation is going to actually be financially solvent, unlike the original El Bulli.

[Telefonica via Eater]

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