Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 Winner Christina Wilson Reveals Her Gordon Ramsay Steak Tasting Menu

Arguably one of the few sane and balanced contestants on last season’s Hell’s Kitchen, Christina Wilson deservedly won a $250,000 contract to work as the head chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas for a year. Unlike certain reality competition hosts we know, Gordon came through on his promise of a job offer this time around, although he, too, has been known cave on prize delivery.

As she warms up at Steak, she’s offering a limited edition Hell’s Kitchen tasting menu featuring a five-course meal of dishes that helped win her the competition. The meal starts with a Scotch egg amuse bouche followed by a hamachi crudo topped with Iberico ham gelée, American caviar, and truffle crème fraîche. The second course, which probably triggers flashbacks for Christina of Gordon Ramsay’s tongue-lashing over mistreated scallops, is scallop risotto. Third course is Ramsay’s infamous Beef Wellington, and for dessert, Christina will serve caramel apple cake topped with salted peanut ice cream, apple gastrique, and cinnamon anglaise.

Because it’s Vegas, the first 1000 diners to order the $145 tasting menu (plus $75 for wine pairings) will receive a special folder with magic powers inside signed photos of Gordon Ramsay, executive chef Kevin Hee, and Christina. Call us crazy, but when your meal comes with autographed glossies, the chefs-are-not-celebrities argument is most definitely dead.


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