WATCH: Tom Colicchio And Jerry Stackhouse Get Punked By A Dolphin

We’re big fans of Tom Colicchio’s extremely chill interviewing style — take person on boat, let ocean soothe person with its healing waves, get person to open up via the Power Of Fishing — and we’re also big fans of how Colicchio manages to teach us new things at the same time. For instance: did you know that a “snook” is a fish, and not the Latin first person conjugation of “Snooki”? The more you know! Thanks, Tom.

But in any case, Colicchio and NBA player Jerry Stackhouse go fishing in Florida, and have much better luck this time around — despite being momentarily defeated by a dolphin that literally bites their catch in half. But in the tag-team battle of Colicchio vs. Dolphin, team Colicchio wins — not just by Number of Fish Caught, but also by Number of Revelations About Stackhouse’s NBA Career.

And here’s a bonus photo of Tom and Jerry fishing:

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