Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Delayed Until Summer

Sad news for anyone who likes underground food-boxing shows, hipster glasses, and strange ingredients: Knife Fight, the new culinary competition show starring Ilan Hall, has been postponed until summer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it has nothing to do with Ilan. Instead, NBCUniversal executives have decided to debut The Esquire Network in the summer rather than on April 22nd as planned. This gives the nascent channel, which is taking over the former G4 nerd channel, time to finish post-production on more of their original content and debut with a full slate of completed original series, including Anthony Bourdain’s celebrity doppelganger show The Getaway, as well as the fifth season of the popular show American Ninja Warrior Pirate Assassin Mountie Jesuit — er, American Ninja Warrior.

While this is by no means a death knell for Knife Fight (we’re sure that men will love culinary bare-knuckles fighting until the end of days), we were excited for its premiere, as was Hall himself when we interviewed him: “I was running a restaurant, I’m a father, and I just didn’t really have the time or anything for [a full show],” he told us. But a ridiculous late-night competition “that started out very tiny, just me and a bunch of cook friends,” ballooned into something that involved John Travolta and Drew Barrymore. Yeah. It’s the 90’s.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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