Jamie Oliver’s Taking Over The World, Plans 16-Restaurant Global Expansion

The sun never sets on Jamie’s Italian, does it? Sweet Jamie Oliver has put on his “global brand expansion” big-boy pants, announcing today that he would open 16 more Jamie’s Italians across the globe, bringing his international presence to include twenty restaurants, a gajlllion cooking shows, being Brangelina’s best friend, and an escape from Epic Meal Time.

Reuters reports that, so far, openings are planned in “Australia’s capital Canberra, in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, Istanbul in Turkey, Singapore and a second restaurant in Dubai. He also has his sights set on restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.”

And how much tukka gold will this bring the incredibly rich Jamie Oliver? It’s hard to project, but last fiscal year Jamie’s Italian alone brought in 93.9 million pounds ($143,685,780 at current exchange) — and that’s with a meager 34 restaurants.

[Reuters via The Daily Meal]


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