WATCH: Richard Blais Composes World’s Sluttiest Burger, Names Her ‘Juicy Lucy’

What did we except from Richard Blais after his Valentine’s Day episode of Burger Lab, in which he patiently explained that oysters are aphrodisiacs “because they look like vaginas”? Answer: a “Minneapolis-style” burger he lovingly named “The Juicy Lucy.” We’re pretty sure they don’t call it that in Minneapolis. We’re pretty sure, in fact, that everywhere in the world, this is just called a “stuffed cheeseburger.” But Blais keeps it sexy.

We don’t feel the need to comment on this any further, because a YouTube commenter did it for us, leaving the gem “if I had to chose between that burger or a woman of the same name, I’d eat a burger and jerk-off” in response to the most recent episode of Burger Lab, which you can check out below.

Bonus: Blais admits the most Blasian thing we’ve heard to date, confessing, “Duck fat is a crucial ingredient in my hair recipe, which is equal parts nitrogen and duck fat.” Richard Blais is equal parts a stereotype of Richard Blais and culinary dreamboat.

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