Last Call: Pete Wells Complains About NYC Snubs In James Beard Award Semi-Finalist List

New York Times: Pete Wells has a very specific bone to pick with the James Beard Award Semi-Finalists, namely that they unfairly and undeservedly snubbed many excellent New York City institutions in favor of casting a spotlight on other places in the country. Quelle surprise.

Daily Meal: Have you always wondered the concerns behind sandwich-making in space? Of course you have. You dream of zero gravity Katz’s pastrami. We know. Here’s a handy video illustrating the practical matters at hand when attempting to compose and consume crummy space foods.

Grub Street: Former punk-rocker/current punk-patissier Brooks Headley, who runs the pastry program at Del Posto just sold his first book to publishers, to be called Occupation: Pastry Chef. It will feature essays from fellow food-rockers and chefs Christina Tosi and Gabrielle Hamilton. We are not cool enough to read this book.

US Magazine: The secret to Martha Stewart looking so radiant at age 70? $70 primer and $120 foundation. Check out what else is in her bag over at US Magazine.

Huffington Post: A chef is suing Cleo Restaurant in Los Angeles — which is owned by the same company who owns The Bazaar by Jose Andres and Katsuya by Stark — for discrimination after being suffering anti-gay, racist, and misogynist harassment on the line. The boys club at Cleo is reeeally firing on all cylinders, huh.

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